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Shiloh is located at 135 Reid Bagwell Lane in Piedmont, SC and is in sight of the junction of SC highway 29 and Interstate-85 in Anderson County. 

Sunday, October 13, 1996, the new sanctuary was consecrated. Lawrence B. Evans was the architect from Tallahassee, Florida and Robinson Construction Company was the general contractor from Easley, SC. Construction began in 1995 and was completed in August 1996. During the construction, Shiloh’s Family Life Center served as temporary sanctuary.

The previous sanctuary, constructed around 1938, suffered roof and foundation deterioration due to age, plus there were other problems that relate to today’s building codes. Shiloh’s governing body formed a building committee to investigate the best direction of building reform. The committee returned with cost and efforts to restore the old building and an alternate plan to demolish the old building to build anew. After membership review and voting, the latter was decided upon.

Shiloh has a long and fine history in this upstate corner of South Carolina. In a community known back then as Golden Springs, there was a general merchandise store which handled the mail delivered by pony express from Williamston Railroad Station. In this early 1800 community, the Holy Spirit directed the organization of a church. It began as Shiloh Methodist Episcopal Church in 1815. Land for the building site was donated by the late David Spearman family. He was a strong layman who gave leadership for many years. From the beginning until the present time, his descendants have been members of this church. Shiloh’s first building was of log construction, which was replaced before the Civil War by a frame building in 1860. This frame building served as sanctuary until it was replaced by the former brick building in 1938 that stood until 1995. Now in a forth sanctuary, members worship in a grand and beautiful sanctuary. Known are all the names of all the ministers who served Shiloh from 1852. Records prior to that date are lost. Some ministers were appointed for a second time, some were not ordained and served only a short time in the ministry. There is very little information about them, but back in the 1800’s, known as “Exhorters”, we would call them “Lay Speakers” today. Since the beginnings, Shiloh has been a growing church, always expanding and improving, but sharing their ministers on a charge with other churches. Year 1951 changed that when a parsonage was built and Shiloh became a station charge. Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bagwell donated the land and the frame construction became a reality due to the skilled hands of church members and local friends. The late Rev. Victor M. Ross was our first full time pastor. A fellowship hall was erected in 1954 and named after the late Mr. Edward King, a beloved layman. In 1985, the Family Life Center was dedicated. This center consists of a gymnasium, eight Sunday school classrooms and a completely renovated kitchen and fellowship room. The local community also uses this center during elections.

Many, many families have been raised and continue to worship at Shiloh, clinking to this beautiful country parish. But their have been several to answer the call to serve the Lord further, as pastors or missionaries. William Major, Ordained Minister (Ret), served in SC Conference; Roy Major, Ordained in North Georgia Conference; Miss Frances Major, Ordained Minister & Missionary to India; Mrs. Lois M. Ford, Teaching Ministry at Arizona Indian Reservation; Miss Patsy Major, Music Teacher, Kentucky Mountain Bible College; Wayne Major, Ordained Minister in SC Conference; Julian Weisner, Ordained Minister in SC Conference; Charles Aiken, Founder of Boys Home that serves homeless boys; Tony Medlin, Ordained Minister in SC Conference; Scott Robinson, Ordained Minister in SC Conference; James Bruce, Ordained Minister in SC Conference; Jack Bagwell, singing professionally with Palmetto State Quartet for over 40 years going through-out the nation.

Shiloh meets each Sunday at 10am for Sunday School and follows at 11am for Morning Worship. The United Methodist Women and Men meet once a month. There are many member gatherings at various times of the year, such as Homecoming. All are invited to visit Shiloh during any of these occasions and welcomed to join us anytime to worship the Lord. Shiloh has a monthly newsletter called, Shiloh Outreach and if interested, write to PO BOX 159, Piedmont, SC 29673. Pastor George Donigian is available if you have special needs or want consultation. We may be reached at (864) 845-5058.

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